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Formed in 2005, Team Twenty24 is a women’s professional and junior development cycling team focused on creating a pathway for athletes to the Olympics. The team has since produced 4 Olympic medalists, 17 world champions, and the current roster boasts 5 national champions hailing from the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Directed by 3x Olympic gold medalist, Kristin Armstrong, Twenty24’s unique team model enables experienced and elite riders to perform at their highest potential while offering junior riders a groundbreaking mentor program. The team is on the forefront of esports in cycling with partner Zwift, and works diligently with innovators and leaders in the sport for product advancement.

For ten consecutive years, the team has been awarded the USA Cycling Centers of Excellence Award, which is awarded to select junior and Under-23 development teams that excel in the development of young cyclists into nationally competitive athletes. Developing future champions on the bike and leaders in the community are at the core of Twenty24’s values, with an emphasis to support athletes in obtaining the best education possible for life after cycling.

Equipe DC Bank/ Probaclac

DC Bank Probaclac Team (CCV4) is a Canadian based road men team. Created 26 years ago by 4 passionate cyclist that wanted to make thing differently, the team’s objective is to give opportunity to young Canadian riders to participate in the maximum number of UCI races in North America.

This is in line with the objective of becoming a reference in development. The athlete calendar combine several national and provincial races allow them to perform well with a concentrated season from April to September. It should be remembered that the organization encourages school retention. The calendar is therefore adjusted to the student athletes’ schedules.

The staff involve in the team is very passionate by this sport and want to help growing this project to the highest level.

The support of well-established brand is crucial to sustain this project, the athlete are very excited to represent Velo saddles for the last 3 years.


Angel Revo features Velo’s new AtmosFoam, a nitrogen-infused foam designed to enhance performance and durability while minimizing the production process’s environmental impact.</p> <p>As the world leader in saddle manufacturing, Velo wanted to be mindful of the economic impact of the production process. The nitrogen used in AtmosFoam eliminates the need for chemical additives, making for a more future-friendly product. The Angel Revo also introduces Velo’s new proprietary EuphoraBase shell, a non-petroleum-based hybrid bioplastic using plant-based materials and glass fiber. The new Omni saddle cover utilizes recycled knitted fabric instead of microfiber substrates.

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