Team Profile: Elevate-Webiplex


Team Profile: Elevate-Webiplex

The Elevate-Webiplex Pro Cycling Team won over 50 races in 2019 and finished the season the top ranked team on the USA Cycling Pro Road Tour. The 2020 season goal was to again take the top spot on the USA Cycling Pro Road Tour as well as be a strong force in the UCI Asia Tour.


The 2020 roster consists of 10 athletes from Canada, Mexico and the USA, all of which are returning athletes to the team. The team also boasts a strong sprint arsenal with veteran Eric Young, Ulises Castillo, Sam Bassetti, Alfredo Rodriguez, Gavin Hoover and up and coming 19 year old Lucas Bourgoyne. The depth of the team continues with current U23 Canadian Time Trial Champion Adam Roberge and George Simpson who finished 2nd at the 2019 US Pro Time Trial Championships. Wrapping up the tight knit squad are Brian McCulloch and general classification contender Jordan Cheyne who both captain the squad on the road.

Photo: Danny Munson

Illustration by: velosaddles



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