New Product Highlight: ANGEL REVO


New Product Highlight: ANGEL REVO

Angel Revo features Velo’s new AtmosFoam, a nitrogen-infused foam designed to enhance performance and durability while minimizing the production process’s environmental impact. AtmosFoam is lightweight and provides incredible support for the rider’s sit bones, improving comfort and performance. Including nitrogen in the foaming process results in a lighter, more responsive foam compared to other compounds with finer pore structures. In fact, the microcells are more evenly distributed, providing consistent rebound and shock-absorbing capabilities. It also provides lower thermal conductivity, keeping contact with the saddle cooler in hotter weather conditions.

As the world leader in saddle manufacturing, Velo wanted to be mindful of the economic impact of the production process. The nitrogen used in AtmosFoam eliminates the need for chemical additives, making for a more future-friendly product. The Angel Revo also introduces Velo’s new proprietary EuphoraBase shell, a non-petroleum-based hybrid bioplastic using plant-based materials and glass fiber. The new Omni saddle cover utilizes recycled knitted fabric instead of microfiber substrates.


The Angel Revo is being launched in three colorway designs: Monogram Black, Cali, and a Limited Edition Artist Design, Fern, by Santa Barbara-based designer Molly Lofton. When approached with the idea to create an eco-style design, Molly explains that she did what she normally does when given a new design prompt and went for a ride around town. “Being in Southern California, I encountered several palms on that ride. The pinnate leaf of the palm tree is beautiful and intricate, which felt like the right design aesthetic for this saddle— paired with the textural graphic of the terrazzo pattern— not dissimilar to the look of composite recycled materials— the piece is reflective of nature and how we repurpose goods.”

Angel Revo


Illustration by: ken yamakoshi



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