2021 Year of the Ox


2021 Year of the Ox

In 2015, Velo launched its first Chinese Zodiac saddle with year of the Ram. Since then, the Zodiac Series has has amassed a following of collectors worldwide. This year’s limited edition Zodiac Saddle commemorates the Year of the Ox with the Chinese idiom: 扭转乾坤, “Niu zhuan qian kun”, which means “to bring about a radical change in the situation; reverse a bad situation or unfavorable condition to one’s advantage”. Turn defeat into victory in this new year! The saddle features Velo’s patented Y-shaped cut-out for pressure relief and shock absorption and Arctech rail technology for additional flex. This limited edition saddle comes with carbon rails and is available in 146mm width.

Illustration by: ken yamakoshi



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